Hall of Shame 

Romio's Pizza

Review posted: 2007-11-18

I ordered 2 large pizzas from Romio's Pizza near Crossroads Mall in Bellevue, WA for my daughter's birthday party: one with meat, and one without. My sister went to pick them up.

The amount quoted to me over the phone was for a single pizza - so my sister had to pay double (the correct price, but that was their first screw-up).

When we opened them up at the party, I noticed that they looked awfully similar - they were identical, vegetarian. Not what I ordered. Strike two.

My sister discovered after getting her credit card statement that the cheating, incompetent clerk at Romio's chose, after screwing up the tally and the order, to give himself a $2 tip.

Stealing is strike 3.

If you order take-out from Romio's Pizza, you'll get taken!

Update: 2009-05-28: this location is out of business. Good riddance.

author: Andrew Ittner
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