Tradewins Publishing

Sylvester Rivers of TradeWins Publishing (caller ID listed Profits Partners, (310) 827-2267) just called - telemarketing a "small, select, unadvertised trader's mentoring program that we periodically offer to a random sample of our clients." I almost, almost told him that I returned the George Angell course for a full refund because I was totally dissatisifed with the crap that they passed off to me - $39 for seven secrets that included "buy low, sell high"? What the f---?

He made quite a pitch, talked about an intensive 3-month course that matched beginners with existing traders, "just like major trading houses like Goldman Sachs and others do," to take traders from a $2500 - 5000 starting account to making $100,000 per year. He cited former beginners that they mentored like two guys who won public contests (one was an Ameritrade contest), or it might have been that those two guys are the mentors.

Mr. Rivers, you sound awefully nice. Unfortuneately, your employer peddles crap. I will not give TradeWins Publishing another dime. Or Profit Partners, or whoever you guys are.

But if anyone else wants to try, call Mr. Rivers at (866) 303-4774.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Mon 14 April 2003. Tags: business, commentary, trading